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Are You Facing Difficulties with International Sales/Marketing?

We have got feedback like these from many overseas companies

◆ Due to travel bans, we cannot reach to Japanese customers...

◆ Cannot find good distributors without having networks...

◆ Cancel/Postpone of trade fairs make it difficult to get new customers...

◆ Webinar/Digital Marketing doesn't work as expected...

Why Exhibit?

Asia's Leading! BtoB Platform for Regenerative Medicine Technologies

Co-Held Conference Brings Quality Visitors

Concurrently held conference covers industry key topics and attracts industry top leaders from all around Japan and Asia!

<Parts of Previous Conference Topics>
-CAR-T cell therapy
-iPS cells for disease modeling
-Drug discovery etc.

Held twice a year! Best business platform to target entire Japan

Regenerative Medicine Expo is held twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka annually. By exhibiting at both shows, you can meet with your target customers from entire Japan!

Breakdown of domestic visitors from the previous shows

Osaka Show

Most Domestic Visitors are from Central & Western Japan

Tokyo Show

Most Domestic Visitors are from Tokyo & Eastern Japan

Held twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka

Useful Information on Exhibiting

The numbers of exhibitors/countries (including co-exhibitors) and conference sessions/visitors (including concurrent shows) on this website are forecasts. These numbers may differ from the actual numbers at the show.